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Cantabria’s beaches: A surfing destination


Having over 100 beaches within a one hour drive, Cantabria’s coastline is known as “la costa quebrada” – the fractured coast – dotted with many islands, white sand beaches, dunes, protected coves, tall cliffs and tranquil bays. This twisted coastline is an endless playground for surfers and beach goers.


Exposed to the Atlantic, it is one of Europe’s best surfing regions offering a tremendous amount of options for surfers of all levels. Cantabria has nearly 50 surf schools and surf shops in every town, so it is easy to rent equipment and take classes from professional instructors.

Surf & SUP Classes:

Below our Mirador de Usil apartments, on the beach in Mogro, is Special Surf school run by renown surfers Dani and Raul Garcia. Dani has been the european champion numerous times and we can say this is one of the best surf schools in the region.  We have a reduced price relationship with them if you are interested in group or private surf classes or SUP stand-up paddle lessons.


Surfing and sunbathing beaches around our Mogro apartments

Playa de Liencres (Valdearenas) beach

Considered the best surf beach in the region for its consistent conditions, Liencres is a magnet for waves when most other spots are flat. This spectacular long, white sand beach is a natural park with large dunes and a beautiful pine forest great for hiking and mountain biking. Fast, hollow waves with many different peaks to choose from. On smaller days is also great for beginner surfers. Enjoy the view of the waves at Liencres from our apartments that overlook the ocean.


Mogro Playa de Usil beach

With direct access from our apartments, this tranquil beach inside the bay next to Liencres offers quick access to the waves via paddling across the bay and walking over the dunes. On low tide the beach is very large and you can almost walk to the other side. Six hours later the tide fills the bay creating a perfect SUP (stand-up-paddle) area for all levels. Parking, showers, grassy lawns, a surf school, playgrounds and restaurants makes for a very comfortable beach to spend the day. One of the safest and shallowest beaches for children.


Playa de Usgo beach

Playa de Usgo is one of the most pretty coves is the region with soft white sand and fun waves on lower tides. It faces northeast so is protected from the predominant storm winds from the west. Various peaks with waves good for all levels.


Playa de los Caballos & Playa Marzán, Cuchía

Playa de los Caballos has difficult access and surf conditions, therefore is not as crowded as other spots. It suffers from surf localism and strong tides as well. However it is a beautiful area bordered by tall cliffs and various islands to the east.


Playa Marzán, also known as Playa Cuchía, is a small protected beach across the river from the town of Suances.  A long stone breakwater shelters the beach from waves, but the small shorebreak can be bodysurfed. There are two restaurants, lots of parking and a natural park bordering the beach that is great for hiking around. Near the point is a small but beautiful beach that is best accessed at low tide called “la Playa de los Huevos Fritos” (Fried Egg beach). Its strange rock formations and tide pools are worth checking out.


Playa de Los Locos & Playa de la Concha, Suances

Playa de Los Locos hosts various surf competitions each year, favored for its quality conditions and barreling waves.  It is also protected from NE thermal winds that pick up in the afternoon during the spring and summer.

Playa de la Concha is a great spot for beginner surfers with its shallow sandbars and smaller waves.  It is also protected from NW winds and heavy storm surf.

Playa Sardinero, Santander

Sardinero beach is one of the highlights of the city of Santander, with its white sand and incredible views of Isla Mauro and Cabo Mayor lighthouses. Across the street is the elegant Casino and many restaurants. For surfers Sardinero offers protection from NW winds and large storms. Fast hollow waves are known for their power even when it is small.


Feel free to ask us for suggestions on where to go, as we are surfers!

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