Cantabria has a humid oceanic climate having warm summers and mild winters. The mean temperature is about 14°C, with winters averaging around 8-10°C and the summer around 20-25°C. The ocean water temperature ranges from 11-20°C allowing for swimming and surfing without a wetsuit in the summer.


Many spaniards in the south of Spain say “It is always raining in the north”, but this is not true, especially with the global warming pattern which has lengthened the dry season substantially. However, it can rain at any time of year, even in the summer without notice, so it is important to keep this in mind and pack a warm set of clothes just in case.

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The good thing about this is the rain is responsible for the year-round magnificent green color enveloping the countryside…while the south of Spain is parched and in a drought state for months on end.


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