Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

Although not as consistently windy or famous as Tarifa, the Spanish windsurfing and kitesurfing mecca in the south, Cantabria offers a great variety of spots and conditions, as well as having some of the best wave sailing in Europe.


Directly below our Mirador de Usil apartments is the bay of Mogro with plenty of parking, easy access, a good rigging area, a wide sandy beach and showers to rinse off.  It is also surrounded by a walking area, a playground and restaurants. Mogro bay is the perfect place to practice freestyle or learn windsurfing and kitesurfing with easy freeriding conditions throughout the year.


Just outside the bay across the sand spit is the famous Liencres beach and Valdearenas Natural Park…offering some of the best wave sailing you can find anywhere.

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Here is a video of windsurfing the waves at Liencres beach, Cantabria.

Other local spots include:

  • The bay of Santander known for its rare Fohn effect which warms and accelerates the winter’s off-shore south winds to over 100 kilometers per hour. At the mouth of the bay is Playa de Peligros where you can find large chop for jumping, while inside the bay on the opposite side is Pedreña for flatwater freeride.vientosur2DSC_0652pedreña4 pedrena-nevada bahia1
  • The Pantano de Ebro reservoir offers a fun alternative to coastal sailing during the summer months with its afternoon thermal winds.  This mountain lake is located on the meseta and is only a 30 minute drive south from our apartments on the main freeway.windsurf-father-son-2arijawindsurf
  • Somo beach, across from Santander, is one of the best port tack wave and jump spots as it is more protected from the full force of winter storms. Summer thermals enter as well but not as strong as Liencres beach.somo-3-2012-11 justin-salto justin-somo-maurojw-wipeout-xl
  • San Vicente de la Vaquera a spectacular, long sandy beach with views of the Picos de Europa and a medieval castle.sanvicente5
  • Laredo beach  and Berria beach are the windiest thermal spots in the summer due to a venturi effect off the cliffs of Santoña. Laredo is for freeride cruising and Berria is a fun wave and jump spot.laredo
  • Sardinero beach in the center of Santander, next to the Casino, is a favorite kitesurf area, with small waves and onshore winds. The best view of the city!sardinero2 kite

Private windsurfing lessons are available from José at El Placer Del Windsurf (given in spanish at various locations based on your ability).

Kitesurfing schools are based in Somo beach and at the Pantano del Ebro. Northwind Kitesurf offers clases in both locations.

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