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Cantabria, in Northern Spain, has some of the largest and most spectacular underground cave systems in Europe, many that were home to primitive man over 40,000 years ago.


Cantabria is also the richest region in the world for archaeological sites from the Upper Paleolithic period, although the first signs of human occupation date from Lower Paleolithic.


World-famous for the Altamira cave, called the “Sistine Chapel” for its spectacular bison paintings, the cave was inhabited dating from about 37,000 BC and was declared, along with nine other Cantabrian caves, as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Cantabria has thousands of explored caves.  Caves that have guided tours open to the public and that have paleolithic paintings are: Altamira, El Soplao, Del Valle, El Pendo, La Pasiega, Las Monedas, El Castillo, Morín, and others.

More information and tour booking can be found here: Prehistoric Caves of Cantabria.

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More information about the caves of Cantabria.

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